Mission & Vision

Our goal is to promote diversity in sport, while empowering, inspiring and giving AAPI athletes every opportunity to successfully pursue their passion in sport.

We will accomplish this by providing educational resources, scholarship funds and a social community for mentoring and networking.


Who We Are

Founded in 2021, the Asian American Athlete Association (“AAAA”) is an organization focused on the development of Asian American and Pacific Islander (“AAPI”) participation in sport.

Our objective is to increase and advocate for diversity in sport. Through bringing together AAPI athletes and showcasing their success stories, we will provide a community of resources and inspire the next generation in their pursuit of excellence in sport.

Sports are incredibly beneficial to the growth and development of future leaders. Athletics equips children with a sense of teamwork and sportsmanship, in addition to developing resilience, organization, social and leadership skills. Participation in sports can also open doors for educational and career opportunities.


Sports are embedded into American society, playing a major historical role in breaking divisive social barriers and uniting individuals from different backgrounds with common goals and respect. Diversity in sport reinforces respect and the value of one-another in wider society. However, minimal presence can only result in minimal impact.


Representation is POWERFUL. When children see athletes, they identify with competition and success. Athletes represent a belief in opportunity and dreams. Representation is simultaneously powerful for those who do not identify with athletes, because it alters their lens when they are able to see success in others. A society heavily invested in sports, like the USA, can be heavily influenced by improved visibility and diversity in its representation. 


We are currently developing a sustainable mentorship program and scholarship fund to support AAPI athletes and their families. We're launching our #EQUALITYINSPORT campaign as a movement to make impactful change.


#EqualityInSport Movement

What does our #EqualityInSport emblem stand for?


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How You Can Help

We're always looking to grow, and we appreciate any and all support you are willing to give in order to maximize our reach. You can help in a variety of roles or a number of different ways, including:









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